China Footwear Inspection Service

 Footwear testing protocol includes the following physical and mechanical tests:
  • Sole bonding, seat piece, and sockliner adhesion
  • Heel flexibility
  • Heel attachment strength (high heels)
  • Pull tests for components and accessories
  • Symmetry check
  • Color shading
  • Colorfastness check (Rub test)
  • Odor test
  • Fasteners fatigue and zip quality test
  • Size fitting test
  • Weight test
  • Care labeling
  • Barcode scanning test
  • Mold contamination prevention
  • Metal contamination prevention
  • Adhesive check (logos, printings, markings fastness)
  • Waterproof test
  • Burn test (for 100% cotton garment)

We can provide you with professional product inspection services.

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