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Before we get into the top common quality defects in shoes, it’s helpful to understand how QC control professionals typically classify and sort defects by severity. Quality defects for shoes are generally sorted into one of the following three categories:
Defects that fail to meet mandatory regulations or pose a hazard to the user are typically classified as “critical defects”.
Defects that render the footwear unacceptable by affecting appearance, durability and salability are called “major defects”. A major defect found on a shoe is likely to result in a customer returning the pair.
Defects that are lower than the desired quality standard but are not likely to result in customer dissatisfaction, product return or complaints are called “minor defects”.
Shoes zoning for defect classification
Most shoes can be divided into two zones, “Zone 1” and “Zone 2”. Zone 1 is generally the most important area in terms of visual appeal because it’s the area most quality defects in shoes apparent to the customer or wearer. Zone 2 is less important because it includes areas of the shoe that are less obvious to the customer or wearer.
Any defect found in Zone 1 that isn’t critical is more noticeable and more likely to be considered a major defect. The same defect found in Zone 2 is more likely to be classified as a minor defect.

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