Consecutive interpretation

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Unlike simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation involves the interpreter taking notes during the speaker’s presentation and then translating into another language after the speaker has finished.
The main benefit of this format? It doesn’t require any special equipment: no need for a dedicated booth, microphone or headphones. It’s the ideal solution if your room has no sound system.
Consecutive interpretation isn’t performed by all translators. It’s a service that requires a specific skill set, so it’s essential to trust it to an expert that specializes in the format.  A speech can last as long as an hour. How is it possible to take notes that are clear and precise enough to perfectly translate what the speaker has said?
This is why interpretation professionals have developed a particular method of note taking during a presentation: so they can accurately deliver the content of your speech! The technique is inseparable from the interpreter: even with certain conventions in place, the note-taking in consecutive interpretation is unique to each individual interpreter.

We offer professional interpretation service for most language combinations and specialist fields. Our interpretation are carried out by experienced professional or authorized interpreter.

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