Are You Looking for Consecutive Or Simultaneous Interpreting?

The first important factor that you need to consider before choosing an interpreting service is the type of interpreter that will meet your needs. For conference calls, there are two main types of interpreter services to consider: consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting.
Consecutive interpreting is when the speaker speaks several sentences and then pauses to allow the interpreter to interpret those sentences and relay them to the audience.
Simultaneous interpreting is when the speaker speaks naturally without pausing, and the interpreter relays the interpretation to the audience at the same time the speaker is talking. This is the format you have likely seen if you have ever watched a meeting at the United Nations. This method usually requires headsets and microphones.
What Equipment Do You Need?
If you choose consecutive interpreting, you actually don’t need a lot of equipment. You simply need the right interpreters for each language that will be used on the call. However, for simultaneous interpreting, you will need headsets and microphones to accommodate all parties. There are many equipment options for simultaneous interpreting, each varying in price and quality.

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