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Accuracy and creativity

One way to determine whether a translation is of high quality or not is accuracy against the source copy. Preserving the message of the original clearly plays a role in producing a good translation; after all, we are talking here about translation, and not copywriting! However, once again, to what extent we should adopt this parameter depends on each individual case, and can’t be generalised.
When faced with a technical text, accuracy is certainly paramount to a good translation and we can all agree that there is little room for creativity. The criteria change, though, when we are dealing with marketing or highly promotional texts.
Marketing translation needs to focus on the message rather than the words. Hence, in order to consider a marketing translation of high quality, the target text doesn’t necessarily have to be completely accurate. The level of creativity, instead, might be the most important parameter here. The goal is for the translator to come up with something equally effective in the target language as the original, and creativity is required more often than not.

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